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Pierre Accounting is here to serve the tax and financial needs of everyone from individuals to small businesses and corporations. It is our passion to help businesses grow from small to big. Our financial experts are your greatest ally in the business world, and we are here to be your trusted partners in both tax and finance. With offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Austin, TX, Pierre Accounting is able to serve an array of individuals from a variety of economic and business backgrounds.

Our CPA Services for Individuals & Businesses

Taxes and finances can be confusing topics even for experienced individuals. We make it easy and efficient and guide you along your business journey.

Tax Preparation

Extensive experience and expertise will save you money in ways few others know how.

Tax Planning

From taxes to money management, we personalize our service to ensure you reach your financial goals.

Tax Problems

We analyze, address and resolve any tax issues that can and do arise… and prevent future problems.

Financial Planning

Whatever your financial goals may be, our experience and expertise will help you plan accordingly.

Estate Planning

Tax strategies can be helpful in preserving an estate. This is especially useful for higher earners.

Forensic Accounting

Accounting mistakes can wreak havoc on taxes. We can find and resolve those issues for you.

New Business Formation

Have you dreamed of starting your own business? We can help make that dream a reality.


Businesses requires diligent bookkeeping. Let us manage the books so you can focus on your business.

SMB Accounting

Business accounting is time consuming. We’ll crunch the numbers so you can meet your goals.

Tax Strategy

Using a CPA for tax preparation is the smart choice, and can also benefit future tax years.

Tax Preparation

Business tax preparation can be complex. We examine your business to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Tax Problems

Tax problems are rare, but they do arise. And if they do, we’re here to help.

Forensic Accounting

Theft, overpayments and the misuse of funds does happen. We can investigate such unfortunate circumstances.

Financial Statement Audit

Successful business aren’t accidental. We can help ensure your success by examining your financial statements.

Strategic Business Planning

We can help your business planning and show you how to achieve those goals with confidence.

About Eric Pierre

Eric Pierre is a certified CPA with a long-established career in the tax and finance industry. His knowledge of and expertise in those areas is only eclipsed by his passion for people. He loves nothing more than to help both individuals and businesses not only save money on taxes, but also achieve their most ambitious business goals.

Our Firm
Meet Eric Pierre


Eric is a one-of-a-kind breed. He networks and gives referrals, so I termed the expression ‘social CPA.’ Everybody loves Eric… he’s a great guy. I also moved my accounting over to Eric – and I’m extremely knowledgeable, I run tax practices. He knows his stuff. I would highly advise you to start working with Eric.”

Bob Friedenthal
Owner | Edge Up Networks

We hired Eric Pierre to do a review of our current taxes, and he found mistakes and got us refunds that we were supposed to receive from 2014. So I just want to invite you to do the same. Don’t think that you have the perfect tax process. Just make sure that you make a review appointment with him and he can give you an opinion if he sees any problems.”

Fran Herrera
Owner | Sharp Cash Solutions, LLC

It’s really important to me that I trust someone who I’m going to give my business to. So when preparing for my taxes, my colleague recommended Eric Pierre. He’s exceeded my expectations. Eric actually goes out of his way to meet his clients, rather than the other way around.”

Adam Cato
Realtor | California Listing Services

“I originally met with Eric to help me with my taxes, and he actually helped me run my business a little bit better. He suggested a few things that I could improve. I was so satisfied with his work that I actually referred him to a couple of my clients, which in turn, actually gave me more business.”

Oneida Franco
President | Franco Blueprint, Inc.
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Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Dear Pierre Accounting Family,

Our country is in such a turbulent, fragile state that we haven’t seen perhaps ever. We are currently dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced us to evaluate our hygiene, our business practices, and interpersonal relationships. It has disrupted thousands of people and businesses financially, emotionally and spiritually. But there is another pandemic-like crisis that we must deal with.

That crisis is racism.

Yes, I’m a black man in America. I grew up to two Haitian immigrant parents who came to the United States in 1969 and 1970 respectively. They overcame not only racial barriers, but also cultural and language barriers. Growing up as one of the few black families at the time in Katy, Texas, I witnessed racism up close and personal. Whether it was my father being fired for standing up for being called the N-word at his job; the country club that constantly reminded our family that we were the first black family they let in; or, when I played basketball as a child, when grown adults yelled racial epithets at me and a black teammate because we were defeating their children in a basketball championship.

That said -- no matter what -- I was raised to not hate those who oppressed and attacked us for the color of our skin. I was taught to constantly surround myself with people that are different than me so that I can see the whole world and serve the world!

That upbringing is why, at Pierre Accounting, I am blessed to lead a diverse workforce, and we have a healthy mix of men and women. Regardless of your race or age, we know that we all have one common goal, which is how to manage our money and to build a legacy. Our diverse firm gives us that ability to help everyone accomplish those financial goals, no matter who or what you are!

Our diversity and our commitment to intolerance of any sort of racism, discrimination, sexism or any other form of degrading of humanity is why we are diverse. It is why we are committed to the long battle of defeating racism. We will continue to take a stand. We will continue to work diligently in having a diverse team and partnering with our communities so that we can not only change your world financially but be part of social change.

This battle is not easy.

For some of you, you might not know what to say, and that is okay. This is a fight that must be taken on day by day, and the best place to start is to find someone different than you. Just listen, ask questions, and be open-minded. The possibilities from there are endless, and you may end up wealthier in many ways beyond finances.


Eric Pierre

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