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Operating any business – large or small – requires strict attention to detail, especially when it comes to finances. Business bookkeeping is one of the most critical components of business ownership, yet remains one of the most overlooked aspects. Oftentimes business owners simply find themselves spread too thin to properly tend to and manage the books. Running a business is a full-time job, but you can leave the bookkeeping to us. Let us worry about the numbers so you can focus exclusively on the success of your business.

Our Business Bookkeeping Services

Establishing a clear set of financial goals forms the foundation of our bookkeeping services. We can help you understand not only how much money you’re bringing in, but also what you have going out. This enables you and your business to operate more efficiently, thereby helping you lower costs and maximize profits.

We examine past financial documents and manage current statements to formulate a macro vision of your business on a micro level. Why? Because the foundation upon which you build your business ensures its stability and success for years to come. And your success is our success.

More About How We Can Help

Our bookkeeping service enables us to analyze your expenses and determine which costs may be eliminated and which are necessary. We also demonstrate how to expand your business by leveraging profits, and suggest financial controls to protect against theft and unnecessary leaks.

Bookkeeping Made Easy

Unless you’re a seasoned bookkeeper, chances are, if you decide to manage your business’s books, mistakes will be made. Why risk it? It’s not worth it with something so important. Let us, the experts, make your bookkeeping easy and error-free.

Better Bookkeeping

Planning your finances is crucial for short- and long-term success. Every service we provide aims to improve your financial position. Although bookkeeping is a relatively simple task, we regard it with immense importance, as it can have significant impact on your finances.

About Eric Pierre

Eric Pierre is a certified CPA with a long-established career in the tax and finance industry. His knowledge of and expertise in those areas is only eclipsed by his passion for people. He loves nothing more than to help both individuals and businesses not only save money on taxes, but also achieve their most ambitious business goals.

Our Firm
Meet Eric Pierre


Eric is a one-of-a-kind breed. He networks and gives referrals, so I termed the expression ‘social CPA.’ Everybody loves Eric… he’s a great guy. I also moved my accounting over to Eric – and I’m extremely knowledgeable, I run tax practices. He knows his stuff. I would highly advise you to start working with Eric.”

Bob Friedenthal
Owner | Edge Up Networks

We hired Eric Pierre to do a review of our current taxes, and he found mistakes and got us refunds that we were supposed to receive from 2014. So I just want to invite you to do the same. Don’t think that you have the perfect tax process. Just make sure that you make a review appointment with him and he can give you an opinion if he sees any problems.”

Fran Herrera
Owner | Sharp Cash Solutions, LLC

It’s really important to me that I trust someone who I’m going to give my business to. So when preparing for my taxes, my colleague recommended Eric Pierre. He’s exceeded my expectations. Eric actually goes out of his way to meet his clients, rather than the other way around.”

Adam Cato
Realtor | California Listing Services

“I originally met with Eric to help me with my taxes, and he actually helped me run my business a little bit better. He suggested a few things that I could improve. I was so satisfied with his work that I actually referred him to a couple of my clients, which in turn, actually gave me more business.”

Oneida Franco
President | Franco Blueprint, Inc.
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