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Estate planning is something that few people truly understand. At Pierre Accounting, we know estate planning and the important role taxes can play in the preservation of an estate. This may not be beneficial to everyone, but it can be especially useful for those earning upwards of seven figures annually. For high net worth individuals, our personal estate planning services can prove invaluable.

What Our Estate Planning Involves

While our estate planning services can indeed be useful for an array of individuals, those best served are individuals earning more than $1M annually or those that have assets for sale that would produce a profit of $1M or more. We are not an estate attorney, however, some of our tax strategies have proven to be exceptionally helpful in preserving a client’s estate.

We also aid in estate planning by helping clients upgrade their trust (if applicable). We specialize in writing trusts for those who may benefit from such a service.

Why Choose Us For Personal Estate Planning

Specializing in tax and financial services has created a breadth of knowledge benefiting our clients in all aspects of finances and financial management. Included in that knowledge base is estate planning, and while that may not be a common offering amongst CPA services, we don’t aim for common, we aim for exceptional.

Uncommon Services

Few tax professionals and firms offer estate planning services to their clients. It’s a niche offering, but one we take seriously because it can significantly benefit our clients. And we have served many clients’ estate planning needs. Let us tend to yours.

Keep Your Money

Clients with a high net worth didn’t get there by accident. They likely spent years managing their money and finances, investing and planning. If you’re not at that point yet, we can help you get there; and if you are, we’ll make sure you stay there.

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