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Taxes can be a difficult and time-consuming task… but they don’t have to be. Pierre Accounting makes it effortless, from start to finish. Experience and expertise mean we can find missed opportunities and ensure you avoid any potential problems that may arise. From in-depth analysis of previous years’ taxes to filing for the current year, we save you the most money possible. No stone is left unturned, no number left uncrunched. We cover it all, so you’re covered.

How Our Tax Preparation Services Work

Everything we do sets us apart. But what truly allows us to stand out is our exceptional personalized service and incomparable attention to detail.

We’re there for you every step of the way. Our service begins with a personal tax evaluation, either in-person or remotely if that’s more convenient

Once we’ve achieved an in-depth understanding of your finances and financial goals, we can then begin to strategize how to minimize your tax bill and maximize your future profits. This is achieved through our expansive knowledge of current tax break advantages, and can be easily and effectively applied to both individual and business taxes.

Other Tax Services We Handle

Our service extends well beyond the scope of personal tax preparation. Whether you want to plan for the future or amend a past mistake, Pierre Accounting can make it happen.

Tax Planning

Give yourself an opportunity to lower your taxes, but do so now. Waiting until next year to save money on your tax return only costs more money in the long run. Proactive means planned profit. Plan it now, and plan with Pierre Accounting.

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Tax Problems

If you owe back taxes, we can negotiate them down. If you have unfiled taxes, we can file them. We can even lower your estimated tax bill and ensure you’re not overpaying. Your tax problem is our solution

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