How to Get Refunds From Old Tax Returns

Hey everybody, it’s Eric Pierre, your favorite CPA. You know, whenever you go buy something, you know, let’s say I go to Best Buy, buy a new TV. You know, they have that price match guarantee, if you buy something within 30 days, and you find an ad and you notice that Fry’s sells it for 20% lower, what do you do? You go to the store, you bring your receipt, and they give you 20% credit.

Well, the IRS does the same thing on your back taxes. So I’m gonna talk about back taxes. They say that our country overpays taxes annually at least two to three billion a year, which shows most of you have overpaid on your taxes. So, did you know the IRS allows you, if you have overpaid, to get a refund on back taxes for the past 3 years from the date it was filed? And oftentimes, for our fellow clients, such as realtors, you overpay on taxes because you’re not keeping good records of your deductions, therefore, you end up paying higher taxes. But we can help you, with an amended return, get some money back. For instance, we recently had a client who had income of about $120,000 and left out some key deductions because they were in a rush to file their taxes by the last extension date. Thanks to our team, we were able to get that family back $6,000 in overpaid taxes.

So, now that you know that we overpay on taxes by billions of dollars, don’t you want to get your piece of it? Chances are, if three out of 10 Americans overpaid on taxes, you’re one of the three that did. So do you want to sit there, let the government waste your money or do you want to get it back so you can invest in yourself, your family, and/or your business? If you want to make that investment yourself, please give me a call. My team and I, we’re here to help you keep more money in your pocket, and less in Uncle Sam’s. Take care. We look forward to hearing from you

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