San Diego CPA Talks Live Music

Eric: Hey guys. It’s Eric Pierre, your favorite CPA, Explore the Neighborhood with my good friend and client Duvell Chase. Duvell, how are you doing?

Duvell: Doing good my friend.

Eric: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Duvell: Originally from North Carolina. I’m a retired military and I’ve been in San Diego for about right at eight years now.

Eric: What inspired you to do jazz shows?

Duvell: There was a need here in San Diego. There was a gap, and live music is making its big comeback now.

Eric: Tell us a little bit more about tonight’s show. It’s a very unique show.

Duvell: Yeah. Unique in the sense that we have Marcus Anderson.

Eric: Okay.

Duvell: And Marcus is one of the top, premier saxophone contemporary jazz artists in the country. And why Marcus is really so famous is he was Prince’s sax-man for years.

Eric: Wow.

Duvell: Before Prince passed away, ge was sax-man for CeeLo Green and several other big names in the music industry.

Eric: If people wanna get a hold of you and learn more about your shows, what’s the best way?

Duvell: People can go to WhatsUpDaygo. That’s WhatsUpDaygo.com. So they can go there, they can see all the upcoming shows.

Eric: Well everybody, I’m Eric Pierre, your favorite CPA, Explore the Neighborhood. Thank you Duvell for your time.

Duvell: All right. Thank you for having me, my friend.

Eric: Good luck with your shows for the rest of the year, okay?

Duvell: Thank you. Thank you.

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